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Fortnight’s Artistic Sisterhood

Canada’s Fortnight Lingerie has built a solid international reputation for its sleek, minimalist, impeccably crafted undergarments. But in its hometown of Toronto, the small indie brand is also a fixture of the city’s busy ‘maker’ community, a loose network of millennial creatives, artisans and DIY entrepreneurs who provide both a market and a sympathetic support

Niki Tells All: A Lingerie Designer’s Priceless Parting Gift

We’ve all heard the expression “when one door closes another opens” — a testament to the opportunities that arise unexpectedly out of life’s darker moments. For young professionals in the lingerie industry, that truism will reveal itself this weekend when they get a rare chance to talk with a successful designer who is in the

2016 Lingerie Review: On the Inside Blazing Star Nightgown

  My love for indie designer On the Inside‘s Elise Olson is pretty much boundless. I’ve waxed rhapsodic about her work before in my article on lingerie for trans women (On the Inside’s knickers are absurdly comfy and provide amazing coverage in addition to being really pretty). Getting to wear the tragically discontinued Bold Calla