Ewa Michalak BM Klejnot Bra Review

I received a surprise order confirmation email from Ewa Michalak Several weeks ago, followed shortly thereafter by a delivery of two brand-new styles from the Polish full-bust brand’s Fall/Winter collections. Now that these styles are both on the website, I’m delighted to review one of them! Sadly my photography budget only allowed for one review, but I can say that since they’re the same BM cut, they do fit very similarly. One style, Bordeaux, a classically elegant black stretch lace lingerie set with a dash of burgundy ribbon and trim, has sadly already sold out, and the set I’m reviewing today looks to be following suit. Today’s review post takes a look at Klejnot, which features some unexpectedly whimsical details married to a classic, elegant, incredibly wearable design.

Ewa Michalak BM Klejnot Bra


The BM Klejnot  is a lovely collection crafted of black stretch lace and black mesh. I’ve reviewed the Ewa Michalak BM cut of bra before and Klejnot follows the same pattern: a three-part cup with a vertical seam for lift and a shape designed to draw the breast tissue in from the sides of the body for a centered, projected fit. The bottom sections of the cup are lined with tulle for stability, and the stretch lace upper cup provides a flexible, adaptive fit.

I love the silver accents of the lace and button trim! I’m also really impressed by the pattern matching of the lace pieces. Care has been taken in cutting the individual pieces to ensure that the gray flowers are placed symmetrically on the cups, and the pale gray lace picks up the gray shimmery stripes of the buttons. The band fastens with four columns and three rows of hooks and eyes, a lovely touch that ensures the bra will have a long, secure fit, and the straps are fully adjustable.

I received two coordinating briefs: the classic bikini brief, pictured here, featuring a solid mesh center front panel with stretch lace hip and rear panels. I love how the scalloped lace creates a smooth legline under clothes with no digging or gaping. I also received a high-waist shapewear brief with a cheeky cut in the rear (both items sadly appear to be sold out at the moment). I usually prefer a fuller cut over the rear, but I do like that the high-waist brief offers some shaping and support under form-fitting clothes, and it’s helpful to have two different brief options for different outfits!

Ewa Michalak BM Klejnot Bra


The Ewa Michalak team sent what seem to be my most common sizes in Ewa Michalak: 32H and 42/L. The BM cut runs a bit larger in the cup than some of their other styles, and I think I might be between the 32GG and 32H here. Nevertheless, I’m of the opinion that if you have to choose, it’s better to have a slightly too large cup than a slightly too small one, so the 32H works well for me: the wires fit my breast roots perfectly, I get the super-projected shape that matches my body’s shape, the band fastens firmly and comfortably on the loosest set of hooks, and the cups lie smoothly across my breast tissue with no digging or gaping, thanks to the wonder fabric that is stretch lace. The center gore rests securely against my sternum, and it rises to a moderate height, not really a plunge but by no means with the rise of a full-cup bra.

The briefs also fit really beautifully. I love stretch lace as an alternative to a finished legline or to a lasercut legline, as I find it stays nice a smooth without riding up or digging in. I also really like the rise, a nice sweet spot between a super-low bikini cut or a high-waist rise. These stay up nicely without rolling under my belly, although I do feel like the stretch materials have a LOT of give, and so sometimes feel much looser after a day’s wear. So far they’ve popped back into shape nicely after a wash, but if you’re between sizes you may be able to size down in the bikini briefs.

Ewa Michalak BM Klejnot Bra


I can think of no higher praise for the fit of a bra than the following: I put it on in the morning and get myself adjusted, and then I don’t have to touch it again until I take it off at night. This bra shape is such a good match for my body that I never have to tug or wiggle or readjust my breast tissue throughout the day. That said, it’s SO projected that it affects the fit of my clothes and my silhouette. Don’t get me wrong: I’m under no illusions about that fact that I have big boobs, and that they’re going to stick out from my body. But there are some days when I want a slightly more, well, chill silhouette, and on those days I often reach for a more contained bra, or even one that compresses slightly. That said, on long days when I prioritize comfort and a secure fit above all else, I often reach for this bra (and a top with stretch in it). It’s a masterpiece of fit and construction, and the fact that it’s pretty too is icing on the cake.

Ewa Michalak BM Klejnot Bra


Buying Ewa Michalak bras as a New Yorker requires some extra work, since it’s rare to find them stocked in North America. There’s the guesswork involved in pinning down the size and style that works best for you, there’s a delay for made-to-order items, and there are often postal or customs delays. Returns and exchanges are complex for similar reasons. What makes the work worth it? Ewa Michalak makes bras in shapes, sizes, and styles that simply don’t exist anywhere else. The Ewa Michalak bras fit like they were made for my body alone.

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