The Ultimate Bra Buying Guide for Women With Asymmetrical

Having asymmetrical breasts, even if it is something not dramatically noticeable, can be challenging for any woman and something that seems almost impossible to overcome for women whose different in size between one breast and the other is a half cup or more. Not only upper clothes never seem to look elegant and sexy but

The Ultimate Guide To Racerback Bra

It is not news at all that women have a wide variety of bras to choose from. In fact, there is probably one perfect bra for each type of top or dress women may have in their wardrobes. Racerback bras are just one of the many bra styles. In this guide, we’re going to introduce

the Future Bra: Intel’s New Bra Expands To Cool You Down

Fused with Intel’s Curie module, Chromat’s revolutionary bra responds to the body’s chemistry to freshen up its wearer during an exercise routine or a lengthy dance performance. The innovative bra is designed with 3D printed panels. When the wearer’s heartbeat quickens and senses heighten, the garment kicks into fight-or-flight mode. The fibers in the garment

The Bebefit From Choosing A Great Sheer Bra

Deciding to wear sheer bras can be scary to many women. The thought of revealing your body can be deemed as racy and improper. Many women won’t even think about trying on a super sheer bra simply for the fact of it being revealing once its put on. But let’s look at this from a


Bra Size Chart in InchesSoft and sleek in a classic white or light cream shade, the Christelle Strapless Push up Balconette Bra uses function and form to give you maximum support along with the amazing cleavage you’re looking for. Whether you’re dressing up or down, this lovely and comfortable bra is sure to meet your

Intel And Chromat Engineer A Breathable Shape-Shifting Sports Bra

“I think in the future, everyone will have a body scan, buy the files online, and print out their garments and get something fully customizable to their form,” McCharen says of the far-off, souped-up future of fashion. “The other side of using technology to help with fit lies in sensing your mood and what your


With so many different types of bras on the market, it’s no wonder that many women become confused when shopping for petite bras. Whether you wear a 32aa bra size or are an a-cup in another band size, you may feel intimidated when shopping for petite bras. Bralettes are a style of bras that were