Reviewing The Nubian Skin Essential T-shirt Bra

The cups/wires

The cups are lightly lined (I’d say it’s thinner than the VS lightly lined pink® Bras). The inner part of the cups is the same color as the outer part. The material is very soft.

The wires are slightly too wide for me at 5.5 inches (about .25 wider than what I can do, seems like a little bit, but it makes it too wide). The depth is only 7.5 inches, so this bra is too wide and too shallow. AKA, it doesn’t fit correctly. I did try to bend the wire on the right side, but that seemed to emphasize the lack of depth at the bottom of the wire. I have serious creasing on that side, it wasn’t so bad before I bent the wire. It’s odd, because I managed to decrease the width by .25 inches.

I’d consider the top of the wire to be high, but it doesn’t poke. The sides of the cup come up high, but oddly enough, it doesn’t rub. It also isn’t visible with the maxi dress I’m wearing today. I do have some quadding, but it’s not visible through a top.

Nubian Skin Essential T-shirt Bra

The straps

The straps have the words ‘Nubian skin’ engraved in the material. The straps are stretchy, but not overly so. The straps don’t seem to be too far part in my opinion.

Nubian Skin Essential T-shirt Bra

The band

The band is ridiculously small. It measures 21.8 inches unstretched, and only about 26.5 inches stretched. 😳 My BTT is about 26.5, so without an extender the band feels too tight. With an extender, I need to have it all the way on the loosest setting. Wearing it with 3 extra hooks is comfortable, but I could probably also be okay with a fourth hook (I however will not be wearing this with 2 extenders). I accidentally hooked this on the middle hook today, and I was feeling it (bottom of wires were digging in my ribcage). Also worth mentioning, the band has 3 sets of hook and eye closures. This is very rare for this size. The only other bras I’ve come across in this size with 3 columns is a Godard strapless bra, and the Claudette longline. The hook & eye closure fits perfectly with the extender I bought.

Nubian Skin Essential T-shirt Bra

The gore

The gore is very low, coming in at 1 inch, but it is wide 1.75 inches, but since it is low, I don’t feel it. The gore does not tack at the top, like at all. Aside from the fact that the cups are too small, it may also be because the wires don’t go all the way to the top of the wire channel.

Nubian Skin Essential T-shirt Bra


Although this bra technically doesn’t fit me, it is surprisingly very comfortable. It is like a comfortable version of a VS bra. Comfort is a big thing for me, so I’ve worn this bra quite a few times.

Before I bought this bra, is as told that the band runs small. I obviously chose to ignore that. I didn’t do it purposely. I was browsing eBay one day for “brown bras 30DD”, and this bra popped up, so I bid on it . I’m glad I got a chance to try it, but I’ll definitely be looking for a bigger size. If you’re interested in trying this style of bra, make sure you sister size up at least 1, possibly 2.

This color is obviously not my skintone, but it definitely works as a nude under light colored clothing.

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